North Macedonia

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125+ Countries

Passport Ranking

43rd Place

Processing Time

3 to 4 months

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Total Area

25,713 km2


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North Macedonia can astonish you with its beauty that you have never seen before. It is listed as one of the top destinations to visit since it is the second most Mountainous country in the world and split in half by the longest river, the Vardar that flows North to South and emptying in the Aegean Sea, filled with more than 50 lakes. The price trophy of the country would have to be Lake Ohrid; one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe. The Republic of Macedonia is famous for two things: Tobacco and Opium and well known for its history as one of the greatest empires, medieval monasteries and delicious food. Wikipedia

The Passport

Legal Basis

North Macedonia has capped its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program to 1,000 applications. The scheme is the newest in the world, officially launched in March 2021. The application process is straightforward and there are only fixed costs. Applicants are not compelled neither to relinquish their current citizenship, nor to learn the North Macedonian language and to reside in the country.


  • Visa free travel up to 125 countries including: The United Kingdom, Schengen countries, Japan and others.
  • Several taxes benefit.
  • Health care.
  • Ability to add dependent children and parents under the same process.
  • Free public schooling.
  • Macedonia Citizenship is a European Citizenship.
  • Acquire North Macedonia Citizenship and passport with the quickest process within 1-3 months.
  • No physical presence requirements during or after the process on gaining the second passport.
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Should hold no criminal records.
  • Make the required investment starting from EUR 200,000
  • Should be able to prove the legitimate nature of their investment source.
  • Should be of good health.

Requirements to Apply

There are conditions that Dominica passport applicants must meet in addition to paying the investment fees.

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Should hold no criminal records.
  • Make the required investment starting from EUR 200,000
  • Should be able to prove the legitimate nature of their investment source.
  • Should be of good health.

Investment Options

Fees for the program

The following are now payable under the direct monetary investment (commonly referred to as the β€˜contribution to the EDF) arm of the Programme:

Contribution in SEC regulated, government approved Fund
200,000 Euro
Minimum Admin / Process Fees for main applicant + Euro 10k each dependent
50,000 Euro

Steps to be citizen

Step 1

  • Start the process:Β After signing the contract with Sadaf Investment, you will deliver all the documents and sign the forms. Our expert team is by your side at all stages and will help you translate documents and complete all forms.

Step 2

  • Documents Submission: In the second step, we will send all the prepared documents to the country of issuing the passport to start the process, and from the time of receiving the documents, the scheduling of your file will begin.

Step 3

  • Due Diligence:Β The applicant’s file starts to review life history, type of business, and income. An experienced, government-approved team then conducts the investigation. You should note that this stage is one of the essential steps to obtaining citizenship.

Step 4

  • Final approval:Β After passing the investigation stage, the government will issue the final approval. At this stage, the applicant can check the accuracy of this profile on the government website. The estimated duration is between 2 to 4 months.

Step 5

  • Settle up payment: The applicant should pay all remaining amounts in this stage and receive a company stamped receipt. This amount must be paid immediately after the final invoice to have your certificate and passport on time.

Step 6

  • Certificate & Passport: After the last payment, the government will issue citizenship documents and passports. The estimated time for obtaining a passport is 45 to 60 days after the money arrives in the government Bank Account.

Visa Free Countries

Currently, the North Macedonia passport holders can travel to 120+ countries without a visa, a list of which is shown in the table below. If the name of a country is not on the list, it means that the holders of this passport need a visa to enter.

AlbaniaVisa Free
AndorraVisa Free
ArgentinaVisa Free
Armeniavisa On-Arraival
AustriaVisa Free
BahamasVisa Free
Bangladeshvisa On-Arraival
BelarusVisa Free
BelgiumVisa Free
Boliviavisa On-Arraival
Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa Free
BrazilVisa Free
BulgariaVisa Free
Cambodiavisa On-Arraival
Cape Verdevisa On-Arraival
ChileVisa Free
ColombiaVisa Free
Comorosvisa On-Arraival
CroatiaVisa Free
CubaVisa Free
CyprusVisa Free
Czech RepublicVisa Free
DenmarkVisa Free
DominicaVisa Free
Dominican RepublicVisa Free
EcuadorVisa Free
Egyptvisa On-Arraival
El SalvadorVisa Free
EstoniaVisa Free
FinlandVisa Free
FranceVisa Free
GambiaVisa Free
GermanyVisa Free
GreeceVisa Free
GuatemalaVisa Free
Guinea-Bissauvisa On-Arraival
HaitiVisa Free
HondurasVisa Free
Hong KongVisa Free
HungaryVisa Free
IcelandVisa Free
Iranvisa On-Arraival
IsraelVisa Free
ItalyVisa Free
Jamaicavisa On-Arraival
JapanVisa Free
Jordanvisa On-Arraival
Kenyavisa On-Arraival
KosovoVisa Free
Kyrgyzstanvisa On-Arraival
Laosvisa On-Arraival
LatviaVisa Free
Lebanonvisa On-Arraival
LiechtensteinVisa Free
LithuaniaVisa Free
LuxembourgVisa Free
MacaoVisa Free
Madagascarvisa On-Arraival
Malawivisa On-Arraival
MalaysiaVisa Free
Maldivesvisa On-Arraival
MaltaVisa Free
Mauritaniavisa On-Arraival
Mauritiusvisa On-Arraival
MicronesiaVisa Free
MoldovaVisa Free
MonacoVisa Free
MontenegroVisa Free
Mozambiquevisa On-Arraival
Nepalvisa On-Arraival
NetherlandsVisa Free
NicaraguaVisa Free
NorwayVisa Free
Omanvisa On-Arraival
Palauvisa On-Arraival
Palestinian TerritoriesVisa Free
PanamaVisa Free
PeruVisa Free
PolandVisa Free
PortugalVisa Free
QatarVisa Free
RomaniaVisa Free
Rwandavisa On-Arraival
Saint Kitts and NevisVisa Free
Samoavisa On-Arraival
San MarinoVisa Free
Senegalvisa On-Arraival
SerbiaVisa Free
SingaporeVisa Free
SlovakiaVisa Free
SloveniaVisa Free
Somaliavisa On-Arraival
SpainVisa Free
Sri Lankaelectronic visa (eTA)
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa Free
SwedenVisa Free
SwitzerlandVisa Free
Taiwanvisa On-Arraival
Tanzaniavisa On-Arraival
Timor-Lestevisa On-Arraival
Togovisa On-Arraival
TunisiaVisa Free
TurkeyVisa Free
Tuvaluvisa On-Arraival
Ugandavisa On-Arraival
UkraineVisa Free
Vatican CityVisa Free
Zambiavisa On-Arraival
Zimbabwevisa On-Arraival

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