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Having a second passport through investment allows Β you to Β travel freely to other countries and enjoy educational, medical, and banking benefits.These countries include the Commonwealth of Dominica, Β St. Kitts, Granada, Turkey, Vanuatu, and many more. Β You will get acquainted with these countries and the type of investment in them on the Sadaf Investment website


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Achieve your second passport within 2 months and make payment after approval.

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Citizenship Programs

There are many ways to immigrate, but due to the dangers and the uncertain future of illegal routes, the best and fastest way to get a second passport is by investing in countries that officially grant you compliance. You can read more information on the related pages.


It is always the best and fastest ways in front of you.


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Are you looking to buy plane tickets, tours, cheap hotels, or Luxury? Are you need tourist visas? You can get them this way from Sadaf Holidays and Tour Company.


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Customer support services include obtaining a spouse's passport, a newborn child, re-issuing a passport and citizenship certificate, and items related to our customers.

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