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Who we are ?

Sadaf Group is one of the most experienced companies in Dubai, founded in 1988. We have always been committed to investing in developing our services and products to ensure continued success in customer satisfaction. We know that our core assets are our employees as a service provider, so we have selected the best and most professional. Our goal is to understand the needs of customers and respond to them in the best professional way. The Sadaf group operates in the following sectors:

Sadaf Investment is established in 2012. At Sadaf investment we are helping you to build your future.. We are one of the most well-known companies working in the field of immigration, second passports and residence permits. In addition, we help you set up your company in Dubai or buy your dream home in Turkey and UAE. Fortunately, we have had successful files in recent years, and this has made others remember us well.Β Sadaf Investment Company is growing every day and we always help others to achieve their unattainable dreams.

Sadaf Event Company was recently established in 2021 and added to the Sadaf Group. The purpose of this company is to manage and perform powerful events such as business conferences, holding international exhibitions, performing arts and entertainment, etc. we will post more information and a particular page about this company on this website soon. Don’t hesitate to contact our team in the Sadaf investment department for more information.

Sadaf Holidays &Β Tour is one of the leading tour operators in Dubai established in 1988. We have always been committed to investing in the development of our services and products in order to ensure the continued success on costumers’ satisfaction. Being a service provider, we understand that our main asset is our employees, therefore we have chosen the best and the most professional. Our objective is to understand our customers’ needs and fulfill them in the best professional way.Β Β Β Β Sadaf Holidays & Travels operates with different services like Inbound Services such as Visa , Hotel and Leisure, and outbound services like ticket , tours and hotel booking. Except this we are providing meeting, events and conferences.